22. October 2023.

Ninth RSNOG Conference on November 9th in Belgrade

The annual conference of the Serbian Network Operators’ Group – RSNOG will be held on November 9, 2023, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade. The conference will bring together local and international experts who will share their experiences, thoughts, and solutions for making the internet faster, more reliable, and safer.

Andronikos Kyriakou of the company Whalebone will give an introductory lecture on how to leverage the DNS system to improve the security of operator networks. This will be followed by a discussion of the most prevalent issues in Serbian internet networks as seen from the perspective of SOX, Serbia’s largest internet exchange point.

Following a discussion on the concept and need for launching a national DNS resolver, facilitated by the National Internet Domain Registry of Serbia – RNIDS, a representative from RIPE NCC will introduce the new version of the Atlas probe network for measuring global internet traffic.

The morning block will conclude with a collection of interesting stories on how local operators are adapting their networks to handle huge volumes of traffic generated by live streaming of sports and other events.

The program will continue with a roundtable discussion featuring executives from Telekom Srbija, Yettel, and A1. Sustainable business practices based on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles are becoming increasingly important, and roundtable participants will discuss how these principles impact network planning, traffic management, energy consumption, supplier and investor relations.

The presentation of specific green initiatives by local operators will begin with an A1 representative describing a project to install solar panels to power base stations. The director of the Zelendata Center will then give a presentation about their three years of experience using the immersion cooling technology for cooling data center equipment.

The conference program will finish with Vadim Volovik of Yandex presenting the use of automation in this large cloud company’s network.

At the end of the conference, there will be a traditional RSNOG quiz on internet networking, information security, and cyber culture. PULSEC, a leading Serbian cybersecurity company is this year’s quiz sponsor.

The Serbian Network Operators’ Group is organizing the ninth RSNOG conference under the auspices of the National Internet Domain Registry of Serbia and Serbian Open Exchange – SOX, with the support of Team Cymru, RIPE NCC, Flexoptix, PULSEC, Unicom Telecom, Zelendata Center, and Orion Telecom.

Registration for the conference is now open. The conference is free to attend thanks to our sponsors, but visitor registration is required due to limited seats. The conference program will also be streamed online at rsnog.rs.