Mailing lists of the RSNOG community

The RSNOG community communicates through email discussion lists and public events.

The RSNOG community mailing lists are, as a rule, open to all and may not be used for advertising commercial activities, products or services.

RSNOG is a place for technical discussion about the functioning of Internet networks and services in Serbia. Political, legal and economic matters are discussed in terms of how they affect the technical aspects of the functioning of the Internet.

General RSNOG mailing list

The General RSNOG Mailing List is open to all network administrators in Serbia.

The list is currently subscribed to by employees at local telecommunication operators and Internet providers (Telekom Serbia, Telenor, VIP Mobile, Orion telekom, IKOM, Radijus Vektor, AVcom, EUnet, Beotel), hosting providers (Mainstream), the Serbian Open eXchange (SOX), the Academic Network of Serbia and others.

Special mailing lists

Discussion of specific topics amongst members of the RSNOG community can take place within special interest groups. These groups, as a rule, are open to all, except when they have been formed to exchange confidential information the disclosure of which might negatively affect the security of networks and services. Each special interest group has its own mailing list. A special interest group may be closed at the request of its members or when there has been no activity for more than three months. When a special group closes, its mailing list is archived.

There are currently no active special groups.

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